Branding Brief

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Brand Information
Please answer all as completely and as descriptively as possible. The idea with all this is for us to be able to get a good idea of what you do, and we can only do that with information.
This is where we need you to be descriptive and detailed as possible. You need to sell what you do so we can understand, to the best of our abilities, what we are designing brand identity for.
This is a refined and optimised version of above. Think along the lines of the Elevator Pitch: you have just a minute, or two, to enthusiastically explain, and describe, what your brand is before I exit the elevator.
Positioning determines what place a brand (tangible good or service) should occupy in the consumer's mind compared to the competition. A position is often described as the meaningful difference between the brand and its competitors. Or more simply put, what's the 'Unique Selling Point' that trumps your competitors?
Please list, or describe, the type of people that need to be influenced by our work when they see it. This is very important, as it's all about ensuring your message is conveyed to the right audience.
Please list any local, regional and/or worldwide competitors. We absolutely need to know how your competitors brand, and position, themselves before we can create an entire visual identity for you. If you are able to provide URL's of websites, then even better.
Are you home based, or work in offices? If you have multiple offices and/or locations then please specify. It's also useful to know how many staff you have, or it could just as likely be just you.
Please select what sort of budget you can invest into the project. Feel free to include any other details relevant to finances in the box below the list.
Check all that apply. If you you need a logo that works for all the above, then check them all. We need to know where you plan to use the logo as this determines how flexible and adaptable the design needs to be.
Where will your branding be used?
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Other Information
If you have any particular ideas, or thoughts about the branding then please use this section to help communicate these with us. All of the following are 'Optional'.
In the absence of a client meeting, this helps us get a reasonable idea of the sort of overall design styles you might like, and helps us take these into possible consideration.
Are you looking to avoid or implement certain colours? Please list colours that you feel would have a positive or negative impact.
When do you want to launch this work into the world? Typically this can be staggered. Placeholder, Soft Launch, Live.